Technical spec, Inventory and sailplan


Owner and seller       Anthony Wheaton

                                    23 Ashchurch Grove London W12 9BT

                                    07803 389 676


Ownership period       2008 to current

Registration                 OGA no 2938


mortgages/encumbrance         None


Included in the sale   The vessel

                                    All equipment on the boat

                                    The website

                                    The Instagram account

                                    Facebook page

                                     All photos and videos processed by the owner

                                    A large file of documents, history, manuals, electronic and pae#per etc


Technical specification


Length overall             18m

Length on deck           12.85m

Length waterline         11.5m

Beam                             2.7m

Draft                              2.4m

Weight                           18 tonnes of which 6 tonnes is lead ingots

Height of mast             20 m above waterline


Hull profile                   Plank on edge – see photo

Original build               1904 in San Diego, Californian USA, builder and designed unknown, inspired by GL Watson and                                                      CP Kunhart designs of that time

Restoration                  Early 1980s in San Francisco Bay by Eric Ashford      

                                       Fully renewed other than the original keel timber  8x1.2 x 0.8 m in size

Planking:                     Carvel  Douglas fir,  25mm topsides, 50mm double planked up to the waterline

                                       Planks sheathed with epoxy to shortly above the waterline..  Epoxy in good condition,  

                                       The hull is antifouled annually

Frames:                       American white oak  steamed  .   

                                     Size 45 x 45mm    spacing 320mm

Fastenings:                  Bronze screws

                                      Fasteners are doubles at hood ends of planks at the stem and stern

Keel                             Frames and planks joined to the keel

Ballast                         Above the keel for 0.6m the hull is filled lead and concrete, estimated weight 8 tons         

                                     External ballast    none 

                                     Internal ballast -lead ingots    6 ton resting on the lead and concrete, under sole

Deck:                          New in 2006  Oregen pine 1in planks curved,  on 2 layers of douglas fir T&G planks 18mm thick

                                    Payed with Sikaflex, all renewed  in 2015

King boards               Teak, oiled

Cap rail and rubbing strake     Teak, oiled

Deck structures, hatches and coachroof            Mahogany, varnished

Cockpit                       Mahogany and oak, varnished, on top of the deck, self draining

Steering                       Tiller, wood, oak

Stemhead                    Galvanised gammon iron for bowsprit

Deck fittings               Bronze

Belaying pins              Bronze and Oak


Head-room      Full height 1.8m   in companionway, saloon, galley, heads

                           Aft cabin 1.4m

No of Berths                           8

Foscle  1.7m Double berth with 4 mattress cushions

Aft cabin         1.8m  2 single berths with 2 mattresses

Saloon 1.8m  2 single berths/seats with 2 mattresses

                          2 cot berths above , canvas

Saloon           Mahogany polished table to seat 8. 

                       Offset to allow easy passage through the saloon. 

                       2 fold down leaves 

                      Bench seats with waterproof mattresses on both sides extending to full width bunks.

                       6 storage cupboards under the seats

                       4 brass lights

                        Skylight above

Galley Sink, cold water brass manual pump

            Waste water electric pump and switch below sink

            Water tank  200l

            Stove, single burner, gaz canister, gimballed

            Cupboard for 2 cold boxes, 12v plug in, removable

            2 further cupboards

            4 drawers

            Cup, glass, plates, bowls coffee jug rack

            Many shelves for food storage

Heads          (next to the galley sink)          

              Toilet, seawater RM69, manual pump .

             Light, toilet roll holder Light, toilet roll holder


Sails                Maker                          Luff                 Area    Age     Condition

                                                               length m            sq m    

Main                SKB                                 5.3                   56        2010    good

Staysail           SKB                                 7.3                   13        2010    good

Jib                   SKB                                 10.8                 22        2010    good

Maintop           SKB                               10                    16        2013    good

Jib top small    James Lawrence          10.5                 20        2012    good

Jib  top large   James Lawrence          12.9                 23        2012    good

No 1 or Yankee James Lawrence       15.5                 29        2016    good

Asymetric spinnaker                            15                    94        2011    good 

Second hand from a J120, lightweight cloth



Mainmast        Keel stepped    Douglas fir   Solid   Varnished    1980

Topmast          Stepped on mainmast     Wood   douglas fir  hollow Varnished  Collars 2011

Boom              Wood   douglas fir  hollow Varnished  Collars 2011

Gaff                 Wood   douglas fir  hollow Varnished  Collars 2013

Bowsprit         Wood   douglas fir  solid Varnished  Collars 2017

Spreaders        Wood    oak, solid Varnished, painted topside  Collars 2011


Standing rigging       


Each side         3 for the mainmast, 1 for the topmast through the spreaders

Galvanised wire. Parcelled and served. All serviced in 2010

4 sets of deadeyes lignum vitae, lanyards new in 2010

Chainplates     Bronze

Forestay          Stainless steel, fixed length new 2010

Bobstay           Stainless steel, bottlescrew  new 2010

Outerforestay  Stainless steel, fixed length new 2017

Tension adjusted by a rope tail led inboard to a tackle on the bowsprit

Backstays        Running Main mast and topmast pairs

Stainless steel, braider op extension, tackles to chainplates.  New 2010

Whisker shrouds (supporting bowsprit) Galvanised wire. Parcelled & served Serviced in 2010

Whisker stays – stainless steel poles new 2010


Running rigging        All ropes renewed since 2010

All ropes are traditional looking 3 strand hawser laid Strand Hempex Rope. Synthetic rope with the style and feel of hemp.  in brown or white.

Blocks –          64 on the boat, all in wood with stainless steel frames or wire. 

                    Blocks for sheets have ball races for easy use.   

                     Blocks at deck level are covered in leather


Engine Volvo  D2 55  hp  4 cylinder   2006  Hours.  Engine serviced annually. 

Gearbox          Volvo D2   2006

Single lever controls   forward and reverse 

Location          Centreline, under the companionway

Propeller         Maxprop, bronze 3 blade feathering 

Speed              5 knts cruising 7 knts max

Fuel tank         60 l plastic, under the aft deck forward of the rudder stock

Diesel bug always added to every re fuelling

Engine start     Electric

Gauges               Rev counter

                             Oil pressure & temperature audible alarms


Generator        On engine

Batteries  12v  1 for engine starting              ) new 2019

                          1 for domestic appliances     )

System             12v   electric wiring system renewed in 2016

3 isolator switches – engine/domestic/both

18 switches on panel above chart table for each light and appliance

18 Fuse box



12 v appliances          

Bilge pump

Waste water pump

Fridge   x2 sockets

USB and socket chargers

Navigation – lights ,  VHF,  instruments 

12 v lights       Saloon 4

Galley 2

Companionway  2

Aft cabin       2

Foscle    1

Heads     1

Chart table 1  white and red, touch on/off


240 v   Shore power connection

Victron Energy charger and switch/fuse box

To charge the 12v batteries

To supplier 3 off  domestic double sockets


Navigation equipment          

Instruments     Tacktick wifi system

System controller unit – above chart table

Compass transducer – opposite chart table

2 displays, digital and pictorial for wind direction

Wind vane and anemometer(speed) – on the topmast

Speedometer – thro hull. Removeable

Depth gauge  - thro hull

VHF    Cobra MR F77B DSC & GPS    New 2022

Aerial inside the hollow topmast 15 m above sealevel

Hand held VHF


Lights Topmast head – NASA LED  white/green/red

Steaming light – white – mainmast head

Rear light         - white – in transom

Chart table – white and red


Compasses          Tacktick on wifi display

                              Magnetic dome in cockpit

                               Hand held sighting compass 

Magnifying glass        A vintage instrument placed on charts to magnify the detail.  6in in diameter 3 incn tall in brass with AEOLUS inscribed in the side

Manual instruments    Ruler, dividers



Charts and manuals     Solent set of charts, South coast almansc, 

Winning Tides,

2022 tide tables 


Safety gear     

Lifejackets and life lines         10 and 10

Jackstays         2 Webbing lines along the full length of both side decks 

Fire                  2 extinguishers + blanket

Flares              Full container


Ground tackle           

Anchors           CQR    45kg    25m chain, 50 m rope

Folding fortress  10kg, 5m chain, 20 m rope

Mooring warps            4

Fenders                       6


Additional items        

Boom cover    Green    Ratsey 2013

Boat cover       Full cover, brown.  2011 It has preserved the boat in excellent condition

Fuel container 10l for diesel with funnel